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We offer oil changes in Manhattan NY. We do on a daily basis is doing oil changes. Our best mechanics are ready for your next oil change.

Every few thousand miles we need to do an oil change for our vehicles. Taking care of your engine is very important. We offer fast oil changes. We know you have a busy schedule. We will accommodate it while giving you quality service.

In need of an oil change in Manhattan NY? You’ve come to the right place. Without regular oil change, you can expect your engine to experience wear and tear.
Every car owner should understand the value of maintaining one’s car. 96 Auto Repair can help you achieve a smooth running vehicle with our oil change services. Taking care of your car’s engine to prevent problems in the future is just as crucial as having it repaired when it experiences a major problem.

Oil change is required after certain miles. In reality, this shouldn’t be too complicated. A car jack, a wrench, and some gloves can already get the job done. Unfortunately, not a lot of car owners know how to change oil for their car. For others, they don’t have the time to do all this.

If you are the type of car owner who simply ignores these small maintenance works, then it’s not surprising to see your car engine suffering sooner or later.

As the leading auto repair shop in Manhattan, we offer fast oil changes for the very busy car owners. We are known for providing the best quality car maintenance service with our years of experience in the business.

We have trained staff that can help your car reach its tiptop condition even if it’s just an oil change that you need.

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We’ve been known in the area for providing all sorts of car maintenance and auto repair work for different types of cars. We’ve covered major problems on cars from collision repair and body work to the simplest task of changing the spark plugs. We have a team of experienced and trained mechanics and personnel that can help you get your car in smooth running condition.


They say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is true especially on our cars. It’s a common attitude among car owners to let minor problems become major problems before going for professional help.

If you find yourself bothered by a hectic schedule or the lack of knowledge in performing maintenance and repair, let 96 Auto Repair get all the work done. We can provide you with the best in engine diagnostics NYC, to make sure that we accurately pinpoint the problem. With the latest technology, we make sure to save you the time and money by knowing where exactly is the problem in your car’s engine.

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Surprisingly, oil changes are one of the most important and inexpensive vehicle maintenance services around. Oil plays a crucial role in keeping your car or truck running smoothly, and if you’re looking to keeping it in tip top shape then you may want to consider spending a little money on routine oil changes because oil changes can help prevent you from spending a lot of money down the road. And no one wants to spend a lot of money if they don’t have to spend it.

An oil change can easily be done in just 15 easy steps. First…

The Supplies You’ll Need are as follows

  • Car jack
  • Car jack stands (play it safe)
  • Wrench to remove drain plug (box end or socket)
  • Oil filter wrench
  • Latex gloves
  • Old towel/blanket to catch any oil that leaks or spills
  • Sturdy oil drain pan (must be heat safe, preferably with spout)
  • Oil
  • Oil filter
  • Funnel
  • Paper towels


  • Find the drain plug located underneath your car. The drain plug is a large nut or plug located under the oil pan at the bottom of the engine. If you can’t reach your oil drain plug easily, you’ll have to either crawl under your car to reach it or jack the car up.
  • Put a medium size container under the oil drain plug. Do this so you catch the oil.
  • Unscrew the oil drain plug. Use a rag or paper towels to protect your hands, and be ready to move your hand out of the way quickly. The oil will drain out of your engine into the container.
  • Remove the cap from the oil filler hole at the top of your engine and unscrew the oil filter. To unscrew the filter, twist it counterclockwise. If you’re unable to do it by hand then try using a wrench. The filter has oil in it, so be careful not to spill it when you remove it. If any fragments of the filter’s rubber seal get on your engine make sure to remove them as soon as possible.
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